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НазваниеЦена, руб.Продавец
Электрический велосипед Europe peak 002 14
Ulrike Guerot Germany in Europe
High Peak Палатка high peak minilite 10052nz
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015 E42121A
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 F652761
Спортивная ветровка Peak 2013 F234012
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 F622027
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015
Спортивный пуховик Peak 13 F533047
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 F652277
Спортивная футболка Peak
Спортивная футболка Peak F612567
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015
Спортивная футболка Peak 15 F632298
Спортивная толстовка Peak F644551
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 F642357
Спортивная футболка Peak F612501
Спортивная форма Peak F733171
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015 E42061A
Спортивная футболка Peak POLO F612287
Peak of 1 3D
High Peak Рюкзак high peak zenit 75+10
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 PoLO
Куртка, Спортивный костюм Peak F534157
Спортивная футболка Peak 2015 F642085
кроссовки Peak 2015
баскетбольные кроссовки Peak 2015 XE52151A
Спортивная футболка Peak Tp9 F642465

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Ulrike Guerot Germany in Europe

This booklet is the collection of blog posts, written on a weekly basis during the peak years of the euro-crisis between 2010 and 2012, with a focus on the German crisis management. They witness the political confusion, the difficult search for solutions; the general stress of the Euro-system and Europe at large; and the overall claim for a German leadership during the first month of the crisis. Germany needed long to correspond to this claim and was blamed doing "too little too late". The blog posts also witness the political clash between the quest for "big and rapid solutions" (e.g. Eurobonds) from many European countries and the German Euro-rescue strategy finally chosen, combining fiscal compact, sound fiscal policies and structural reforms.