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котик Yao Yi/jun cat009 531nazya.com
Вязаный чай Jun Yi Tea 100g Wuyi 2046nazya.com
Вязаный чай Jun Yi Tea 125 1550nazya.com
Yi Xu and Jun Yan A cloud-based information integration platform for smart cars 4643ozon.ru
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Yi Xu and Jun Yan A cloud-based information integration platform for smart cars

Although modern Smart Car technologies are growing rapidly, there are many challenges to be addressed. The limited processing capabilities of the contemporary in-car computers in smart cars may cause bottlenecks in smart control. The content in smart car applications can hardly be extended. In addition, the traditional software installation approach that is used in smart cars is neither economical nor convenient. This paper presents a Cloud-based Information Integration Platform that has the ability to improve flexibility and enhance the value of smart cars. In this work, the architecture of the Cloud-based Information Integration Platform was designed based on new technologies such as Cloud computing, Web Services, and Controller Area Network Applications. To achieve the smart control and information sharing in smart cars, we also designed a Smart Car Information Service as the user interface to implement smart car applications through customized business processes.This fills the...